Piper Process Systems


Piper Process Systems is the leading manufacturer of Vapour Recovery Units (VRUs). They are highly efficient for applications where heavy oil is recovered using steam. Piper owns the proprietary rights to engineering and design plans used to manufacture many of the VRU systems used in the conventional oil sands today.

Piper Process Systems has more single or multiple process systems that use liquid ring compressors in Western Canada and the Alberta Oil Sands than any other manufacturer.

  • VRUs—Ideal for SAG D or steam assisted gravity drainage oil production plants
  • VRUs—Bring a significant ROI on investment through recapturing hydrocarbons

Piper Process Systems Ltd. is the Western Canadian representative for Victory Energy industrial steam products. We offer full services from concept to manufacturing, installation and startup. Victory Energy is known for innovative industrial steam solutions.

Victory Energy's manufacturing plants are among the most advanced in the industry. We back up our superior products with service excellence and unmatched aftermarket support.

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Flat Commercial Roofing

We are a global leader in the seamless integration of design, engineering and fabrication of complex high specification process modules.

  • Vapor (Vapour) Recovery Units
  • Solvent Recovery Units
  • Chemical & Water Injection
  • Horizontal & Vertical Separators
  • Pressure Vessels


Flat Commercial Roofing

Modules meet customer safety, performance, operations, maintenance and specification requirements.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Commissioning
  • Operator Training
  • Replacement Parts


Flat Commercial Roofing

Process, mechanical, structural, electrical and piping engineering provide fit-for-purpose solutions. Decision making time is reduced due to our integrated systems.

  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Piping