Vapor Recovery Units — Proprietary Designs

Custom Built VRUs

Piper Process Systems is the leading manufacturer of solvent-vacuum and vapor recovery units. Our Vapor Recovery Units are custom-built to meet a variety of customer requirements for safety, performance, operations, maintenance, and specifications.

Each module is engineered to meet high quality standards and stringent heavy oil regulatory requirements.

  • Provide fully automated stop and start on one or multiple compressors without operator intervention
  • Allow 0% to 100% fully automatic capacity control
  • Provide ease of maintenance and serviceability
  • Demonstrate proven module functionality
  • Provide high on stream reliability factor

Operator Friendly

Piper systems are custom-built to meet varying customer requirements for safety, performance, operation, maintenance, and specifications.

The ultimate goal is to simplify operator function requirements, reduce costs and increase the operations life span. Raised platforms can be integrated into units for easy and safe access to relief valves. Cranes can also be installed to ensure major components can be removed through a large roller door if required.

Custom Built

Piper Process Systems can custom-build VRUs with different compressors. Our engineers select the best solutions for the application.

The compressor type is determined by process conditions, process requirements, capital cost allowances and operations expectations to be coupled with long term service reliability.

Each module is designed to be seamlessly integrated into an operating plant. They can be configured with a standalone building or an existing onsite structure.