Products — Engineering, Design, Manufacturing

Piper Process Systems is known for developing innovative systems used in Alberta’s Oil Sands. The company is particularly known for manufacturing Solvent and Vapour Recovery Units used to remove gas vapors involving storage tanks, refineries, upgraders and plant process operations. Go to VRU info

Process design can feature carbon or stainless material as required by specifications.

The Old Manufacturing Model

Many competitors ship their products to jobsites as components. Acute skilled labor shortages for remote locations, skyrocketing labor costs, and high living allowances send budgets spinning out of control. Competitors find that experienced crews are difficult to maintain.

The Piper Solution

Piper Process Systems assembles various product components in a controlled environment.

Engineering expertise is combined with fabricating experience to configure modules into easily transportable units. Complete units are ready to be transported and seamlessly installed into the client’s system at their plant.


Process modules and VRU’s are configured on movable skids measuring up to 120' x 24'. When they leave our facilities, they are ready for seamless integration into our clients processing systems and ready for start-up.

Many of our process systems are configured into custom built self-framed metal buildings. Others are wrapped with rugged plastic for travel protection if they are being installed into existing buildings.


Piper Process Systems manufactures a variety of high specification process modules. They range from chemical and water injection packages to water treatment units.