Engineering and Design

Piper Process Systems designs products for sweet and sour gas processing. Modules are fully engineered in 3D. They can be manufactured with or without a building.

Piper Process Systems owns the proprietary rights to the engineering and design plans used to manufacture many of the Vapour Recovery Systems used in the conventional oil sands today.

Our proprietary designs include single or multiple compressors. Existing designs can be used as is or adapted for custom applications. 

Custom Design

Piper can also create an original design from scratch. In those cases, our knowledge and experience eliminate issues in the early stages before they become problems at critical stages of production.  

Our quality management system enables us to meet or exceed client specifications.

Engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities are the reasons Piper Processing delivers world class products on time and on budget.

Engineering Capabilities

  • PFD and P&ID development
  • Process Design
  • Equipment Design and Layout
  • 3D models and piping isometrics drawings
  • Fabrication